Мастер часы


Master clock is used to control an analog clockwork.

Master Clock Venta V74 model is designed to control one clock mechanism equipped with a hand position sensor, an additional remote control panel and a GPS signal receiver.

Master clock compares the values of the Real Time Clock (RTC) with the values of hands position and generates a control pulse of 12 or 24 volts. The RTC microcircuit with an accuracy of + -1 minute per year, operates from a built-in self-contained power source, ensures the continuous running of the clock and the restoration of indications, if a power failure.

Master clock keeps track of the position of the hands and stores the values in the internal memory. When the power is turned off and then turned on, the master clock will continue to work from the values stored in the memory, i.e. real time will be restored on the dial.

Master Clock Venta V74 model is equipped with a hand position sensor, which forms a digital time value displayed on an analog dial. The data exchange between Master clock and the position transmitter is carried out via the RS485 channel.

A GPS receiver is used for greater accuracy.

The RTC's internal calendar allows for daylight saving time. For the convenience of corrections and quick testing, there is a remote control that can be positioned in a convenient place at a distance of up to 150 meters from the master.


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