Olympic Centre Ventspils

Mobile trailer with 24 sqm (6 x 4 m) LED screen P5.95;
Sport in the Box software for football and other sports (basketball, volleyball, tennis and other), Antelope software for athletic.

Swimming pool Valmiera

Omega Quantum, starting blocks OSB11, Start Time V, Omega OCP5 Touchpads 240×90 FINA, Piccolo scoreboard; fix installation.

Jelgava Sport school

Omega Scan’O’Vision Star 20/20, Start Time V with e-gun, Antelope software for athletic.

Swimming pool Sigulda

Swimming pool KEKAVA

Swimming pool KIPSALA

The following equipment was installed in the swimming pool “Ķipsala”:
In 2021 scoreboard Piccolo; starting device Start Time V;
In 2014 backstroke ledge OBL 2;
In 2013 Swiss Timing Omega OSB11 starting blocks.

Latvian Federation of Motosport

Olympic sport center in Liepaja

Bob and luge track SIGULDA

Swimming and footbal school in Jurmala

National Armed Forces Sport Club

Olympic Sport Center VENTSPILS

Complex Sport School in Liepaja

Jelgava Specialized Swimming School